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  • Feyi wears two sets of 20"

  • Feyi wears two sets of 20"

  • Feyi wears two sets of 20"

  • Feyi wears two sets of 20"

Think Silk Tape-ins

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Introducing the Ruka Hair tape-ins - lightweight, low-maintenance and versatile enough to meet all of your hair styling needs.

Tape-in extensions have taken the market by storm because of their seamless and simple blend. Our tape-ins are breathable and painless, seamlessly blending with your hair by sitting flat against the scalp without any pulling or tugging at your natural strands.  



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How do they work?

Tape-in extensions must be applied to clean hair in order to make sure that the adhesive sticks on well. Once the hair is straightened or blown out, your stylist will then "sandwich" the two wefts of extensions with your hair in between. That's it - no chemicals or tools!

We recommend:
1 set (approx. 100g) - Best for a natural finish, with only a slight addition of volume
2 sets (approx. 200g) - Best for a full head tape-in install
3 sets (approx. 300g) - Best for a full glam voluminous finish

How long do they last?

These are 100% virgin human hair and so can last from eight to ten weeks, depending on new growth and installation. Once the hair has grown out quite a bit, the extensions will need to be taken out by a professional. The hairstylist will use a specific tape-in remover solution to make the process painless and easy, leaving your natural hair undamaged.

One set includes approximately 40 tape-ins (100g) - this is the recommended amount for a natural finish. Please refer to our 'Good to know' for recommendations if you're trying to get more volume!

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